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Many other websites show disclaimers in which the website authors dissociate from linked contents.

When we set links to other websites, we want to recommend these sites to our visitors and therefore it wouldn't make any sense to dissociate from them! But in fact, chances are that linked websites change their contents without our knowledge. Because it is impossible to keep track on all changes in other sites, we will not be able to know if linked websites have changed their contents in a way which is legally relevant. This is why we ask for your help: If you discover a link which now shows critical content, please let us know in order to be able and remove this link immediately.

When we link from our website to external sites, you will always see this symbol: External Link. Basically, we don't force your browser to open external links in a new browser window or tab, because we do not want to appoint how many windows are opened on your computer desktop.

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